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Kesla roller harvester aggregates

KESLA Roller Harvester - Superior ruggedness and features


KESLA roller harvester heads are designed for extreme conditions.

The best materials and components in the market, high quality and superior design ensure that the Kesla Rolled Harvesteraggegates work reliably and are easy to maintain.

The standard equipment of the Kesla roller harvester heads is well thought-out. Even with the basic model, propotional valves for controlled feed are standard. This allows for fluid work and makes the delimbing efficient. The feed to the cutting point is fast and with extraordinary precision. With proCon, hydCON and other KESLA accessories, the performance of the reel harvester can be further increased and the unit can be adapted to the needs of the customer and the conditions. The accessory plates include, among other things, rotary heads and feed rollers for different operating conditions.

Overview of the Kesla RollerHarvester models

Kesla Roller Harvester 16RH / 16RHS

The Kesla Roller Harvester 16RH is currently the lightest full-featured roller harvester unit on the market equipped with rear knives and collection function.

Kesla Rollerharvester 18RH / 18RHS

The Kesla Roller Harvester 18RH and the Kesla Traction Harvester 18RHS are powerful harvester heads for thinning.

Kesla Rollerharvester F20RH / F20RHS

The Kesla roller harvester models Kesla 20RH and Kesla 20RHS are fast, agile roller harvester heads for the thinning and finishing of small tree populations where the trees have an average diameter of less than 30 cm on average.

Kesla Rollerharvester 25RH / 25RHS

The Kesla 25RH and 25RHS models are true universal machines for thinning and finishing of stocks with an average log diameter of less than 40 cm.

Kesla Rollerharvester 28RH / 28RHS

Kesla 28 RH is one of the most popular and very durable, for heavy excavators developed the 30RH harvester, developed "lighter" version.