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Keto harvesters are the result of years of product development.

KETO harvesters are manufactured by experienced professionals using state-of-the-art technology and automation. KETO single-grip harvesters are available in eight sizes: KETO-100, KETO 150, KETO-500, KETO-600, KETO-800 and, as the latest results of our product development, the Eco Supreme series and KETO Forst Eco.

Whether for agricultural or forestry tractors or for excavator platforms – KETO has a suitable solution for all carriers. Thanks to active product development and customer feedback, all KETO harvesters have been delivering optimum performance and reliability for 30 years.

The Keto harvesters are surprisingly light for their performance and prove their worth for both thinning and demanding final harvesting work. Its advantages include the ingenious hydraulic system and the unique roller drive, which is gentle on the tree trunks.

The KETO harvesters are protected by numerous international patents for their drum train, housing, hydraulics and felling heads. Even though the keto machines have always been tried and tested, they have been continuously perfected over the years.

Overview of the Keto Harvester models


KETO Harvester Forst Eco

Affordable, compact harvester.


KETO-51 Harvester Eco Surpreme

Error-free thinning work


KETO-51 Harvester Eco Processor

Universal gripper for mountain slopes


KETO-51 Harvester LD Eco

Keto 51 model with four knives.


KETO-51 Harvester LD

Keto-51 model with four knives.


KETO Harvester Forst Eco

Affordable, compact harvester


KETO 100 Harvester Karate

Developed for extreme conditions