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GMT Equipment - Felling grapple, quick-change system and fly jibs

GMT Equipment

GMT Equipment

GMT Equipment – Felling grapple, quick-change system and fly jibs

We are also equipped for all requirements. The cooperation with GMT Equipment makes thinning and municipal technology even easier. Saving time is a must for many companies these days. The GMT C10 quick-change system can ensure success.

The felling grapples from GMT Equipment should also not be underestimated. With the GMT035 and GMT050 felling grapples, it is possible to remove trees piece by piece. They enable flexible tension-free positioning, sawing and controlled tilting. The GMT035 TTC and the
GMT050 TTC were developed to hold tree parts after sawing. This does not
only the tilt cylinder of the felling grapple is blocked, but also the movement in all directions in the
cardanic suspension. Flexible positioning and firm gripping when folding away with just one
Press the button!

The GMT felling grapple is a robust companion for biomass and energy wood production that is already in use in many areas. This also promises reliability, strength and time savings.

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GMT-Equipment - GMT035 / GMT C10

GMT Fly Jib FS / FY / FF

Attachment of your GMT felling grapple to a loader crane

With the GMT Fly Jib you simply install the GMT035 or GMT050 felling grapple to your truck loader cranes. This crane extension is necessary to make swinging and 360 degree rotation of the felling grapple possible when the crane is at its highest position. This fly jib is not required when using a forestry or recycling crane.

Standard fixed arm Fly Jib FS

The standard fixed arm Fly Jib FS is complete with all hydraulic hoses pre-assembled and quick coupling unit for easy link to the truck crane hydraulics. A standard link and rotator complete the set.

This fly jib is a perfect solution when it is possible to leave the crane, fly jib and felling grapple on the truck during relocation. When the crane must be folded before transportation, the complete fly jib must be removed. In this case, the folding version Fly Jib FF will be a better solution.

Fixed arm Y-pendulum Fly Jib FY

With fixed arm Y-pendulum Fly Jib FY the hydraulic hoses inside the Fly Jib are protected which makes your machine more robust. These advantages are only realized when you combine this Fly Jib with the special Y-Link and Rotator for Y-Link.

Folding version Fly Jib FF

When the truck crane must be completely folded in to be able to drive the truck, the felling grapple and fly jib must be completely dismantled. If you need the Fly Jib folding version FF, it is possible to detach the felling grapple, rotator and pendulum as a set with a quick-release fastener. Now you can simply lower the fly jib into the last section of the crane.