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Developed for extreme conditions


The KETO 100 Karate is an excellent general harvester head for reforesting, manipulating and processing logs.

The innovative power unit is suitable for various superstructures on construction machinery as well as forestry machines and cable cars.

The large openings of the delimbing knives and the five-row roller belts facilitate the production and harvesting of trees.

The rear blade and the rigid saw housing ensure successful felling. Even larger logs remain securely in the head and the positioning for sawing can be set to

Keto-typical way exactly.

The strong inclination of the two-cylinder enables even larger trees to be handled in an upright position. The fully rotating rotator revolutionizes the usability of the harvesting head. With patented hydraulic hose guide and power feed-through.

Height in drop position

1305 mm

Height in threshing position

1950 mm

Width open

1320 mm

Width closed

1020 mm

Threshing position length

1305 mm

Deep drop position

1220 mm


820 kg (with rotator)

Felling diameter

470 mm


400 mm

delimbing meter


Max. Working pressure

250 bar

Recommended oil flow rate

190 l/min

Saw sword


Feed type

5-row roller conveyor

Tractive force

21 kN

Max. Weight tree

1300 kg

Max. Feed rate

4.9 m/s

Engine power of the carrier vehicle

90 kW